What is Occam’s RazR?

I never set out to start another blog. I did toy with one when Blogger in Beta debuted, only to see if the password restrictions would work.

They didn’t.

Sometimes, we place too much significance on certain things. Like New Year’s Day, for instance. A time for renewal, new beginnings, fresh starts, yada yada yada.

The simple truths are sometimes harder to grasp, especially in our post-modern age.

And in this case, the simple truth is that my wife and I had a number of pretty cool, deep discussions that gave me insights to the process of teaching through communication. My daughter and I are having some pretty cool discussions that are giving me insights into teaching complex topics in simple ways. And my two-year-old — well, he’s just now breaking into full sentences, with subjects, verbs, and objects. I’m paying more attention this time around, because the simple truths are there.

We just don’t spend enough time ferreting them out.

New Year’s Day, literally, is a total coincidence. The themes and concepts that led me to kick-start a new online presence would have been just as likely to spring forth on a May 18th, or more appropriately on an April 1st. So, in the spirit of William of Occam, let’s recognize a coincidence for what it is: an unnecessary detail that obfuscates the truth.

Enjoy. This blog will be my polemic personal journal, as I learn how to better make the complex more simple.

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