The Social Media Outhouse

This is not an essay about American foreign policy.

This is not an essay about racism.

This is not an essay about what is proper in social discourse.

I will tend to ignore comments about the above, because this is instead about how the White House has made an Outhouse out of social media — and by extension, mainstream media.

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A little less social

I deactivated my Facebook account.

Just got too tired of people yelling at each other over misunderstandings, and failure-to-try-to-understand ings. Then I got weary of making them angry, by not siding with them quickly enough against the latest and greatest existential threat since at least 1:15 this afternoon.

I got exhausted, being a voice for reason and perspective in a wind tunnel that accelerates emotion and blows it back in your face.

I need a break.

If you need me for anything (and Lord knows you really don’t,) you know where to find me.

Try not to wallow in fear. It’s how they control you.

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