Why bother with Brand Journalism?


My name is Ike Pigott, and you arrived here because someone you know passed along a link from a presentation I made. (If you are reading this Friday morning, June 21, 2013 – then I might still be speaking. How cool is that?)

My session on Brand Journalism was part of the Vocus PR Demand Success conference in Washington, DC.

You got here from this tweet:

“There aren’t enough bodies in newsrooms to get the mindshare you need.” – @ikepigott #Demand13

The stats are pretty sobering. Traditional news operations are imploding, and there are fewer feet on the street to cover the news. That means that some of the events or news about your company or your industry are going unshared and untold.

Within a one year timeframe from 2008 to 2009, my own company saw about a 25% drop in the number of media hits we received. It’s not that we weren’t trying, but items that merited coverage in the past were met with shrugs from assignment desks, as there weren’t enough bodies to go around.

If you need to get your message out, you need to be prepared to tell it yourself. Sometimes you’ll make it easy enough for a newsroom to carry the final leg of that relay, and sometimes you will push the story out through your own channels.

As Tom Foremski says, “Every company is a media company.”

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