Recognizing stories


My name is Ike Pigott, and you arrived here because someone you know passed along a link from a presentation I made. (If you are reading this Friday morning, June 21, 2013 – then I might still be speaking. How cool is that?)

My session on Brand Journalism was part of the Vocus PR Demand Success conference in Washington, DC.

You got here from this tweet:

“Sometimes the hardest part is recognizing there is a story to tell” – @ikepigott #Demand13

Once you break some silos and get your arms around the vast quantity of material you might want to promote and share, you need to encourage your co-workers to think beyond their traditional boundaries.

This takes time, and you frankly can’t do this until you are up and running. Every person will come to the epiphany in their own time, and you can drive yourself crazy trying to force it.

What you want is for people to develop a recognition of a story’s potential. This means thinking on the front end, when a story is pitched, about what resources or formats would really drive it home. Video? Audio? Galleries?

That also needs to be applied on the post-gathering side of the process, to ensure that each item is getting some sort of multimedia treatment. That’s a great cue for your media and general audiences that this is not just a glorified fax.

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