Incremental gain


My name is Ike Pigott, and you arrived here because someone you know passed along a link from a presentation I made. (If you are reading this Friday morning, June 21, 2013 – then I might still be speaking. How cool is that?)

My session on Brand Journalism was part of the Vocus PR Demand Success conference in Washington, DC.

You got here from this tweet:

“Brand Newsrooms must evolve. You will never launch if it must be perfect.” – @ikepigott #Demand13

Just like the people who fill roles will gradually incorporate what they learn and build your “bench strength,” your site will be improving as well.

Many organizations approach the web in the wrong way. They allocate budgets for a website as though it is a Product in and of itself. The design is commissioned, and it is tweaked, and it is approved — and then it stagnates.

Brand Journalism doesn’t work if it doesn’t grow and evolve. Over time, there will be new features and layouts and lessons learned. You can’t wait until you get everything “just right” before launching, because there is no perfect — just a little better.

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