Brand Journalism brings new job descriptions


My name is Ike Pigott, and you arrived here because someone you know passed along a link from a presentation I made. (If you are reading this Friday morning, June 21, 2013 – then I might still be speaking. How cool is that?)

My session on Brand Journalism was part of the Vocus PR Demand Success conference in Washington, DC.

You got here from this tweet:

“Your team will have to rethink roles, and eventually how to grow your news” – @ikepigott #Demand13

As you build your team, you will have to do so from the ground up. Running an online newsroom that is comprehensive in scope will grind you into dust if you aren’t building to scale. That means having many people fill roles, and slowly bringing them along a path of cross-training.

A well-oiled Brand Journalism machine needs:

  • Scouts, who identify stories and the formats to best tell them
  • Drafters, who lay out the basic facts and script, and get “content” into the system
  • Polishers, who know how to add bells and whistles to make an online post “pop.”

This all starts to eventually roll into the job of a Producer, one who sees a story from its potential to its posting. The more employees know about the various steps along the way, the more they will integrate those skills into what they do. Eventually, you will have enough people in every role that there will be few bottlenecks for rapid publishing. Your newsroom is coming together now.

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