When a Gaggle Goes Rogue


I know a few people who have experimented with automated sharing services, and I am often not a fan of them. I understand why people would band together in hopes of amplifying their reach, and I understand that it is possible to have enough faith and trust in others that you don’t end up auto-endorsing something you wish you didn’t.

GaggleAmp is a tool that’s seen an increase in use and exposure, and the idea is that users sign into a dashboard and are presented with suggested messages they can quickly auto-tweet or auto-post to various networks. If you love Hibbett’s Sporting Goods, and you are evangelistic about them, you might sign up for a Hibbett’s Gaggle and share out the things Hibbett’s sends your way.

However, what if you end up amplifying a message that’s no longer important or relevant.
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Picking Your Fights

A couple of years ago, many comic book heroes launched Twitter accounts, and many of the “heroes” did an admirable job staying in character — you know, if superheroes had the time to use social media.

One of the more active accounts belongs to The Real Tony Stark, who recently took exception to a website’s content:

Now, if you’re on online magazine or humor site, this might be a good opportunity to play along or play it off… but not Newsarama:

The fascinating part is just how “real” this complaint becomes, and the idea of just how prevalent (and annoying) this publishing tactic is:

Yes, it’s a good idea to engage with your readers… but trying to argue against a multi-billionaire playboy ex-alcoholic industrialist who doesn’t really exist?

Maybe they’re just trying to extend the conversation to ten tweets, so they can do a gallery.

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