I'm in training today, and as much as I learn from being in a session, I learn even more from conducting one. Leading a class forces you to bone up on not just the immediate subject matter, but also the secondary pieces that might come up in … [Continue reading]

What’s In a Name?

I've been known by many names in my life. Been called a few too - some of those deserved. The name you answer to has a powerful affect not just on you, but the others with whom you'd like to relate, in both business and pleasure. From birth, I … [Continue reading]

Little Lessons

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The last three weeks have been so extraordinary, I could write a book about the experience. But I won't. Partially, because I am too lazy, partially because there isn't enough time, partially because there is no audience, and mostly because so much … [Continue reading]

Disaster Blog Day

One year ago today, I was in Daytona, helping set up an online newsroom for the central Florida tornado response for the American Red Cross. I was supposed to be there supporting our Super Bowl-related Health and Safety programs, and got re-deployed … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year

True, it's a little early to proclaim the new year, which according to the Chinese calendar rings in on Thursday the 7th. But since you are here exploring the notion of whether Social Media is right for your business and goals, I thought it would be … [Continue reading]


{{myquote|Most problems to be solved are really just a matter of expectations. The trick is knowing when to raise them, when to lower them, and when to change them completely.}} … [Continue reading]

The Art of the Insult

I'll come back to this after some reflection, but for a quick end-of-the-week read, here is a piece of brilliantly pointed writing from's review of Meet the Spartans: Isn't it massive consumer fraud to charge $10.50 for a barely hour-long … [Continue reading]