Talent Revisited

Seth Godin has a notion that corporate philosophy will change if we quit referring to "Human Resources" as such, and instead re-christen it "Department of Talent." He says the idea of HR came about in an industrial age, and demeans employees by … [Continue reading]

Sand Dollars

{{myquote|You’ll never get rich selling timeshares in sand-castles.}} (From Timeless) … [Continue reading]

Speed Kills

During one of my recent travels, I missed out on one of those magic parenting moments. My wife told me about it later, and it cracks me up. My son had his toy dinosaurs all gathered together. The biggest one was laying on its side. Deceased. … [Continue reading]


{{myquote|If you think a blog is the only thing you need, then good luck cutting your steak with a spork.}} (From Social Media Explorer) … [Continue reading]


It can be a little unnerving at times when your parents crash your party. Here I have this nice little non-blog website, where I share my thoughts with a couple dozen of you out there, and most of the time I completely blank on the fact that my … [Continue reading]


I'm in training today, and as much as I learn from being in a session, I learn even more from conducting one. Leading a class forces you to bone up on not just the immediate subject matter, but also the secondary pieces that might come up in … [Continue reading]

What’s In a Name?

I've been known by many names in my life. Been called a few too - some of those deserved. The name you answer to has a powerful affect not just on you, but the others with whom you'd like to relate, in both business and pleasure. From birth, I … [Continue reading]