{{myquote|Most problems to be solved are really just a matter of expectations. The trick is knowing when to raise them, when to lower them, and when to change them completely.}} … [Continue reading]

The Art of the Insult

I'll come back to this after some reflection, but for a quick end-of-the-week read, here is a piece of brilliantly pointed writing from Slate.com's review of Meet the Spartans: Isn't it massive consumer fraud to charge $10.50 for a barely hour-long … [Continue reading]

Three Essences of Writing


Good writing sometimes happens by accident -- but writing well is a function of discipline and purpose. Know what you want to say, know what you don't want to say, and get there with minimum delay. My Kung Fu background introduced me to a … [Continue reading]

I’m no longer a blogger

I've had it. I'm done. Don't want to deal with it any longer. As of this day, I am no longer a blogger. I'm tired of the hassles of "coming up with something for the blog." I'm tired of explaining to people what a "blog" is. I'm tired … [Continue reading]

Social Media Power Suit

{{myquote|Social Media is like a power suit: either get it tailored just for you, or look like everyone else who bought off the rack.}} (from a post at Now Is Gone) … [Continue reading]

One Size Fits None

(In an effort to provide a place for the Social Media Curious to dip their first toe, Ike continues a series of articles aimed at those who are looking for very basic context.) Social Media is like a power suit: either get it tailored just for you, … [Continue reading]

Wal-Mart’s Vision

I didn't set out to become a customer service benchmark. It's just the product of being a consumer with a blog. Those of you with glasses might know the name of those little oval pads that rest on each side of your nose. I'm too tired to look … [Continue reading]