Ask Ike: Why are they naming winter storms?

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The Weather Channel has been adding catchy names to winter storms for a while now, but never really explained why. Promotional value? Winning bar bets by sneaking names onto the screen? Did winter storms win a lawsuit against hurricanes for … [Continue reading]

Ten years gone


It's been ten years since my last day in television news. I remember that last story very well. Others, not so much. I wrote this on my way into the unknown (republished in this form, five years ago.) And what follows is my response to me. … [Continue reading]

Call Him Al


Al Volker passed away overnight, and there really will never be another one like him. Al was the first person hired into the newsroom at ABC 33/40 back in 1996, coming on as Managing Editor. His TV career at the time spanned my entire lifetime, … [Continue reading]

Keeping up to date

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The title you see above could be categorized as "irony," given the lack of frequency in my own posts here. What can I say, I have been busy. Very busy, and busy in ways that actually use the very same tools that bring you Occam's Razr, and my … [Continue reading]

Things that last


I don't always like the way we use the word "invest," or "investment." Too often, it is associated with the concept of risk. Conversely, it gets lumped in with reward. Rarely do we look at investing as something that is worth doing with no regard to … [Continue reading]

Apple still doesn’t get Cloud


I like my iPad, I really do. For what I do with it, it fits the bill. But I am not a citizen of Apple's dream community, and I will not be casting lots with the iEcosystem. Mainly because Apple still doesn't get the Cloud. … [Continue reading]

Disaster Help just got easier


One of the difficulties of delivering disaster services in our "Instant On Now Now NOW" society is scale. Normal processes and supply chains are disrupted, either by having physical resources taken out of play, or human resources distracted by their … [Continue reading]