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Klout Responds

Following is an email I received the other day from Clayton Su, Klout’s Account Manager. I haven’t had time to properly think about it yet, but in fairness I need to publish it quickly:

Hi Ike,

I read your recent blog post and wanted to reach out and apologize again for the mix-up. Additionally, I’d like to help clarify a few things, especially around the four points you mentioned in your blog:

  1. Tell me how this happened, and what they’ve done to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Not just the mix-up in the perk, but the subsequent promotion to my friends.
  2. Tell how many others this has happened to.
  3. Notify and apologize to those it misled.
  4. Ensure that they will retain no record of me actually receiving a phone.

As you pointed out in an earlier blog post, the phone promotion was only available to influencers in the New York City area. When we launched our Windows Phone Perk, we experienced a problem with our location system that allowed 200 influencers outside of the eligible cities to claim the Windows Phone Perk.  We reached out to notify you of it at the time.

All those influencers, including yourself, received the following email:

Thanks for being part of Klout Perks! We see that you had signed up for the Windows Phone Perk, but upon further review we found that you are not in the New York City area.

The Windows Phone Perk is meant for influencers in the NYC area as the event is in New York City. However, the Windows Phone Perk will be hitting other cities soon, so please stay tuned for something in your area.

-The Klout Perks Team

When we launched a new rating system, we inadvertently pulled the old data, which prompted you and 199 influencers to rate your experience.

We want to assure you that all records of you having opted-in to the Perk are completely removed from our system, and that you are in no legal danger. Feel free to check out our privacy policy here:

Finally, we would like to apologize again for the confusion caused by this Perk. We are constantly working to improve Klout Perks and greatly value your feedback. Please accept our apologies for the confusion.

Best regards,
Clayton Su
Account Manager, Klout
t: @claytonsu

My thoughts on this will follow, after I have the time to properly digest this. If you have any, you’re welcome to leave them in the comments.

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Klout. Klout. Let it all out.

(Please see the update below)

Some of you might recall my less-than-stellar encounter with Klout over the way it mishandled a promotion. Essentially, Klout used my name and likeness to promote itself, telling a friend of mine that I had won a perk that I would later be told I was ineligible to win. (Read all about it at

A different friend recently posted a photo of her Klout Profile, wondering about the various topics where she was considered an Influencer. I decided to check in and see how I was being promoted. That’s when I found this link:

Well, gosh! Let’s just take a little tour of that Feedback form, shall we?

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